IMOTECH - Integrated supply of components from world’s leading manufacturers

Integrated supply of components from the world’s leading manufacturers

75 experienced specialists 3 representative offices in Russia

Strict compliance with timelines Excellent service

Over 500 loyal clients Over 1 mln units

Integrated supplies

Cooperation with leading global suppliers IMOTECH guarantees a high quality, optimal delivery terms, compliance with standards, and a flexible pricing policy. IMOTECH enables our partners to thrive by providing well-crafted range of components and the assortment line is updated on a daily basis.

Test laboratory

Whenever in need of fast and reliable certified testing, contact IMOTECH. We will develop an individual testing program for your production. The certifications are prepared within at least one day. Our team ensures a professional approach at all stages of testing.

Contract manufacturing

We deal with orders of any size and complexity to reduce the product prime cost by review of the schemes, drawings and BOM. Prior to dispatching and warranty provision, we thoroughly check the product quality. Using two production lines with last-generation equipment, IMOTECH approaches the orders responsibly.

Design & OEM production

OEM production series includes over 20 units. The assortment is continuously enlarged, and new unique items can be developed according to client’s requests. IMOTECH guarantees short production terms and exceptional quality.


10 years in the market

IMOTECH is a reliable supplier of wide range of electronic components and modules from world leading manufacturers and own facilities. The company is well-established on the market. Our clients are provided with the full range of services from purchasing to shipment, from design to mass production, and certification testing.


Over 500 established clients

We make sure that contract approval and signing is always a simple and fast procedure. IMOTECH offers wide range of products from the world leading manufacturers.

We ensure payment flexibility and strict compliance with timelines, that’s why 87% of our clients are long-term ones.


3 representative offices in Russia

IMOTECH has representative offices in Saint Petersburg, Moscow, and Nizhny Novgorod. We have developed over 400 different projects for our clients.

More about us
IMOTECH puts a heavy focus on quality. Our laboratory is equipped with high-end latest-generation testing devices.

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