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Test laboratory

Certification test laboratory was opened in 2014. Today, it’s a laboratory with the newest equipment able to perform over 20 types of testing in two main directions: mechanic and climatic.

To ensure performance of electrical and electronic components: microchips, resistors, capacitors, transistors, amplifiers, sensors, testing under extreme conditions is critical to the long term reliability. 

However, the laboratory also testing lighting equipment, polymers paints and lacquers, concrete testing instruments, and test patterns from other spheres.

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53 sq.m. of specialized facilities

Modern equipment

Fair price, high quality and optimal timelines

4 years of accurate testing

Stages of work

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Preparation of application and contract

Call us or send your request on the official website, and our manager will contact you soon. According to the request details, the laboratory’s commercial office will develop the contract that’s sent to the customer. If you agree with the contract details, preparation will take 1-2 days.

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Payment and delivery

We work by pre-payment system – the percent of preliminary payment is defined individually. Delivery can be performed by our carrier or your delivery service – it’s up to the customer.

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Testing and final results

Our manager will inform you about the testing process. If necessary, the customer’s representative can monitor all testing stages. Closing documents will be sent by courier or postal service. Upon customer’s request, the documents can be sent email right after the testing is finished. We offer beneficial cooperation with bonuses for loyal clients!


Exceptional reliability. Accreditation in voluntary certifications and regular checking. All equipment is tested and is rendered certificates complying with all standards.

Optimal timelines. The laboratory works with express orders for some kinds of testing. The order with contract preparation, testing and protocol preparation can take one day. 

ESD-protection. We pay particular attention to the protection of electronic components against static electricity that can cause almost invisible damage of electric components and affect the testing results.



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