Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing is the combination of modern high-speed equipment, advanced technologies and traditional approach to quality. 

The company specializes in turnkey component manufacturing: from purchasing to certification testing, from design to delivery to customers’ warehouses.

Main advantages of IMOTECH are quality assurance, sort lead time, flexible pricing and high performance.



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95 fulfilled projects

2 production lines

3 types of installation

Modern equipment

Stages of work

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Design documentation audit and maintainability

Our engineers check the customer’s PCB projects. The cost-saving resources are being researched: line excess parts, the optimal configuration of PCB; other hidden reserves for cost saving without affecting quality.

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SMD installation of modules and blocks

MYPro series MY300LX pick-and-place equipment delivers new levels of precision and flexibility in a faster, smaller and smarter format.

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Moisture protection and varnishing

Application of covering for moisture protection is the most advanced and optimal way of item protection in conditions of temperature fluctuations and other negative environmental influence.

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Testing and packaging

Testing guarantees that the items has been assembled correctly and works properly as planned. We perform climatic and mechanic testing of production using IMOTECH test laboratory. Prior to transportation, finished products go through the vacuum packaging.


The project that’s being maintained by the team of experienced engineers.

Work with orders of any volume. Installation of components of any complexity: SMD and BGA components.

First MY300LX pick and place system in the North West of Russia.  

Safeguards obligations and checking of quality control.

Individual approach to each order. 

Testing and up-grade design reduce unit cost.

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